You know you're going through withdrawal...
When you keep the following spam in your folder just because: Reynaldo.Ransom@[location notdisclosed] Subject: Hello Dalt...

The NPiA Dating Game
[reposted from AML] "Bachelor number one. I like long walks on the moonlit beach, movie theatres, and carnival rides. If I were on a date with you, where would you take me?"...

The Final Part of the Story
Lyre: Patterns Repeat Themselves, the final part.

Swing Your Razor High, Sweeney
He'll give you the closest shave you've ever had.

On my list of pages to make that may never get done: The Brand Was Right! Fan Club Pattern-Proof Iced Tea Recipes Snooty Second Series, Second Paragraph Purists Page (For SSSSPPPs)The Thumb War (from Nine Pinkies in Amber) The Flora...

Really Random
This happens more often than it should.

It's her only excuse.

Outtakes: #1
The bits you didn't see. Part 1: The Unicorn and Dworkin

Just Kidding
What do you call folks from the Tir?

Um, a Unicorn with a heart-shaped jewel of judgment necklace? A Unicorn with a parrot on its shoulder? A Unicorn with a braided horn? A Unicorn with a tail shaped like an infinity symbol and a heart-tattoo on its butt?

Dream crack!fic
Caine crouched down. "He's gone. Now shut up and let the grown-ups handle this."

A bunch of brainstormed bits.
A bunch of concepts to spin into ideas later from my ACNW 2005 Saturday Morning placemat.