Trump Laws: Proposed
[from MaBarry's notebook] I don't know exactly what I was doing with this list, but there's some interesting thoughts in it. Written below it is the word, "Alexithymia" meaning, "able to only poorly differentiate between emotions." 1. Tarot requires knowledge...

Trump Issues (2 of a Multipart Series)
Trump Questions: Verbal/Telepathic and other Communication Issues

Trump Issues (1 of a Multipart Series)
A look at Trump, this set of questions for GMs starts with the physical nature of Trump Cards.

To Create a Pattern
"Blood is compulsory."

The New Game
A variety of questions designed to help Dj'nn run her campaign...

Spikards Vs. Primal Powers
Jvstin wrote, "A Primal Power is a locus or node of energies which is powerful enough to permanently affect a section of reality greater than the shadow from which it springs." My commentary to him was that that was basically my definition of a Spikard.

SotR: Stuff Chart
What DOES having "four" points of Bad Stuff mean?

Snakes: (July 5th, 2003)
The game design for "Why Did It Have to Be Snakes?" for amusement, education, and the occasional raised eyebrow.

A reprint of my old Shroudling article, in preparation for some new Shroudling ideas I hope to develop.

Rebma: House of the Dead
In my collection of "Amber Sources," I have a file called, "HOTD_Rebma." HOTD? The only thing that immediately came to mind was, "House of the Dead." You may have noticed that the people of Rebma are not the same as...

Nodes of Logrus
New concept-idea for the Logrus I came up with for a convention game: Logrus as cross-shadow complete with Nodes of power.

A brief history of the Loyalists attribute.

Houses of Lessima
I mentioned a little about Amicus Herdmind on my It Slices! It Dices! blog and it made me think that maybe I ought to fill these houses out in a little more detail here....

Conflict of Resources
Elfquest vs. Amber - a brief discussion.

Amber Astrology
A discussion with my co-GM of SWtE got me to thinking about Amber Astrology. Here is what I created, with some annotations.