A Story in Four Parts

A quarter of a piece of fiction: Brand’s Tale.

I wrote a sequel to “These Chains” in four parts. Unfortunately, the computer where I had that sequel died and has not yet had its data resurrected. I did, however, have an old draft on a floppy, and thus, I am slowly putting it together.

There is no annotation on this one. This is the first part of a story called, “Patterns Repeat Themselves,” Fire: Brand’s Tale.

Cymnea and Oberon

I actually don’t really care for the Amber children (or teenager) games. Admittedly, I ran one, but it was inspired to actually be a game FOR children should I try to get my little sisters into Amber gaming.

(“Look, the chocolate on my hand looks like a slug!” says Chatterbox, all happy. She’s warped already, but is she warped ENOUGH?)

Or do some community service, such as it is.

The idea of Oberon as a teenager, however, amuses me greatly.

[the Chaos version]

“Go to your Ways! And no talking with this Cymnea girl!”

“I never asked to be born!” [slams door with Logrus tendril]

Of course, while writing the first sentence, I had this whole “Romeo¬†and Juliet Gone Horribly Wrong” idea about Oberon and Cymnea…

Cymnea and Oberon: ala R&J


Two households, both alike in dignity,

In blackened Thelbane, where we lay our scene,

Source of ancient grudge to Brand’s mutiny,

Where civil blood makes Amber hands unclean.

From forth immortal loins of these two foes

A pair of star-cross’d lovers make their fight;

Whose misadventured and Eye-stealing overthrows

Do with their actions create Shadow’d night.

The fearful passage of their death-mark’d love,

And the continuance of all Swayville’s rage,

Which, with Amber’s creation, could not remove,

Is now the amused mutterings of our sage;

The which if you generously attend,

What here shall miss, our laughter should to mend.

The scary thing is that I think I could do it…