Shadow to Substance

Exceptional women and exceptional children; what does it take to unlock the potential of Amber?

Brian A. Dewhirst mentioned in a post on the OOC list for Jvstin’s Strange Bedfellows campaign that, “only an exceptional woman can bring an exceptional child into this world.”

Some of the general assumptions made in regards to why Oberon went through a stack of wives (“Fourth wife, put her into a bag. Fifth wife, into outer space. Sixth wife, on a Rotissimat. Seventh wife, made out of jam…”) seem to suggest that women of Shadow have a difficult time in bearing Real children.

I have a different method.

When someone Real is born in Shadow, that Real Child may not seem anything beyond the ordinary. Sure, they might be Olympic-level. They might have the few oddities, but that’s maturity speaking. It’s not until that Shadow is touched (Primal Power, Pattern, Logrus, whatnot) that the latent Reality is opened. Think of Power as a key. So, presumably an son or daughter of Reality could live out a full life in a Shadow. I’d suggest it would probably be a fairly full life, as the Shadow would have been touched by the Real person in that Child’s conception at the very least.

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Rebma: The Library

Rebma is required an oral tradition of study, as paper does poorly in the underwater realm. The Librarians maintain this tradition with style.

Rebma: The Library

In the Rebman Castle is a room they call “the Library.” Within this room are six alcoves, one in each of the 6 Sacred Directions of Rebman myth. (Six is a sacred number in Rebma as it represents the directions of influence: up, down, forward, backward, left, and right.) In here reside the six librarians, Allegra, Cordelia, Komal, Fatin, Jathibiyya, and Aislynn. Each has a specific sphere of knowledge. Allegra is the Library of Relationships, Cordelia is the Library of Law and the Remembered, Fatin is the Library of Intuition and Divination, Komal is the Library of the Consciousness of Self, Jathibiyya is the Library of Destruction, and Aislynn is the Library of the Worlds. These ladies choose their own successors, although the Queen’s favour is always considered. These keepers of the memories of Rebma are not required to be virginal, but for the length of their duties they must remain unmarried and without child. (A good reference might be Brigid & The Fires of Love.)

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Cults of Chaos

The main reason the Amberite cults are considered dangerous IMC is the political concern. As it usually means radical behaviour in the name of the worshipped Amberite, it is doubtful that Random wants a bunch of crazed shapeshifters taking his form and writing lewd graffitti on the walls of the Thelbane.

The other side of it is, of course, the power considerations.

The cults change what they worship.

Utilizing a reverse-effect of the power Amberites use to slip through and allow Shadow to lie for them, the cultists are able to use Shadow to affect the Amberite, making he or she become more of what the cultists’ believe they are.

The cultists could tap into the ambient Reality of the Amberites, leeching away at remnants of their power. The same power that strengthened Shadow would thus be gathered and controlled by the cultists. Strong familiarity with that power may create more of a sensitivity and finesse in using it, to the point that it could possibly be used against the Amberite him/herself.

Similarly, one can learn quite a bit about an Amberite from his or her Shadow. Once you start studying many, seeing similarities, diffusing differences, perhaps you can get a more intimate idea of their aspects. After all, Brand created a Trump of Martin from a few conversations with Martin’s friends… someone obsessed with you could probably do a lot more.

What would happen to you if all your Shadows were imprisoned? Drained? Killed?

Shapeshifting into the form of an Amberite can be dangerous for the shifter. Does it have any effect on the Image? Can you draw a mustache on Corwin’s Trump after it has been “completed” and manifest itchy skin? Where do the lines of Reality and the Shadow which develops from it blur?

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