Vampires in Amber

My vampires are not like your vampires.

Anyone who knows me at all knows that I think of vampires as unnatural, fetid parasites, with all the connotations that brings. (“Breath of the grave.” “Oh yeah, he’s hot, if you think old tepid blood is, um, hot.”)

So in my feverish afternoon I did come up with one idea of vampires in Amber that I liked.

See, it was all based on the “unto the third generation,” line oft-quoted. What if you couldn’t actually walk the Pattern after that?

Then my brain said, “No problem, that’s why we keep Dworkin hooked up to the tubing. A few transfusions of the old shapeshifter’s blood and we can go anywhere but this creepy dump.”

In Other News

Because Corwin/Deirdre is so old school, here are (from experience) my favourite five Amber pairings.

I participated in a little silly quiz thing with suitably random Top Five lists being provided. Mine was “Top Five Fandom Pairings” and I, of course, figured I’d go for some Amber Elder pairing amusement. Obviously, the number of pairings with Fiona is because of the development I’ve done with her as a character.

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Kissing Fools or “Love in Amber”

For love of a girl, the kingdom could have been lost. Some basic musings on love in the Amber multiverse.

“Oh, innocent victims of Cupid,

Remember this terse little verse;

To let a fool kiss you is stupid,

to let a kiss fool you is even worse.”

E.Y. Harburg

For love of a girl, the kingdom was nearly lost. That’s one of the ways to interpret Corwin’s seduction by Dara, or even Lintra’s seduction of Benedict. While I’d gladly send people over to Nine Ladies Dancing to discuss how sexist a view it is to paint women as “da bad guys” [in the words of Fozzy The Bear] {heh} let’s talk a little bit about love in Amber.

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Dream crack!fic

Caine crouched down. “He’s gone. Now shut up and let the grown-ups handle this.”

In case you’re not reading the little Amber stuff I make public at my LiveJournal account, the following is the transcription of a dream I recently had that was Total Amber crack!fic.

For the record, it starts after Brand does his tumble into the Pit, and it finishes on a mature audience note.

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A bunch of brainstormed bits.

A bunch of concepts to spin into ideas later from my ACNW 2005 Saturday Morning placemat.

From ACNW 2005, I had written all of this stuff on a placemat at breakfast (with the prodigious Mr. McGuinness and his delicious wife) as some “atmospheric ideas” for my upcoming game.

Just listed here for future reference in case I want to spin something from them in the future.

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Really Random

This happens more often than it should.

[slightly reconstructed]

I didn’t recognize the number.

It had a local area code, but the prefix was unusual.


“Hello. This is Random.”

My brain began spinning.

“I’m sorry, who did you say you were?”

“Random. I’m a friend of Saulian Joe’s.” He might have said “Sally and Joe” but my brain was already processing for Amber.

“I’m…” I’m what? Ready? Confused? Thoroughly discombobulated? “I’m afraid you have the wrong phone number.”

“Oh. Okay. Thanks. Bye.”

Interludes (Polyamberous?)

Um, a Unicorn with a heart-shaped jewel of judgment necklace? A Unicorn with a parrot on its shoulder? A Unicorn with a braided horn? A Unicorn with a tail shaped like an infinity symbol and a heart-tattoo on its butt?

I dreamt that I was going to ACNW (a dream which seems sadly lacking in fairytale magic wand powers to come true this year) and that someone had suggested a lunchtime gathering of polyamourous Amber players. We spent the latter part of the lunch attempting to design a good “Amber-poly” T-shirt design, incorporating the ubiquitous Unicorn. (I suggested polyamoury to be more Chaosian in nature, but I was voted down as symbolically it wouldn’t have the same recognition in the community.)

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