Nodes of Logrus

New concept-idea for the Logrus I came up with for a convention game: Logrus as cross-shadow complete with Nodes of power.

In my mentally-proposed ACNW ’05 (presuming we make it this year) game “Brothers of the Empire” I’ve come up with a new (to me) concept for the Logrus that I quite like and figured I would share.

The Logrus is not a place. It is purely an initiation. There are sacred grounds for it, but its tendrils snake (if you excuse the word) throughout Shadow.

No one knows entirely what makes the initiation successful, although after countless years it has been made crystal clear that a certain fluidity of shape is required.

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Four Faces of Pattern

The Pattern is a refinement of the Logrus.

I was thinking of some of the different ways I’ve seen the Pattern, and that each of them should have different twists on the powers gained from it. Under each of these “faces” is a quick sketch of thoughts around them. I may end up adding to these in time.

“The Pattern is a refinement of the Logrus.”

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Four Faces of Pattern: Face Three

The Pattern is a rune of protection.

“The Pattern is a rune of protection. The symbol itself has strength against the creatures of the netherdark. We wear it on medallions, and we weave it to catch the nightmares above our beds. We tattoo it on our hands and faces for luck. You can tell those of the True Realm for their charms are the most powerful.”

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Four Faces of Pattern: Face 4

The Pattern is a thing of blood magic.

“The Pattern is a thing of blood magic, an act of sacrifice that set Dworkin’s Will over the universe, bound to him as it is bound by him. The pain in the letting of the blood by the Unicorn’s Horn opened the reserves of power within Dworkin, freeing what he had gained by his observations into the Abyss. It is his blood which turned the Serpent’s Eye to ruby.”

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To Create a Pattern

“Blood is compulsory.”

Read Jenn’s entries on what goes into creating a pattern.

“Blood is compulsory.”

[Yes, R&G fans, rhetoric and love help, but that’s just because I’m fond of Dworkin.]

I’ve never considered Corwin’s Pattern to be a true Pattern. He hadn’t made the necessary sacrifices. To me it was more a matrix of Pattern energy, a reflection of the many images within the Jewel, but not a Primal Image. It was a magical design, infused with Pattern energy, but again, not any kind of replacement for what Dworkin wrought.

Dworkin put his being into it. His blood, his music (and the connections between one’s music and their soul are in evidence, unless you’d like to call him a lyre), the fire of his internal storm as described by lightning… All of his magic, all of his meditations, all of the love for the creature who wore a magical Jewel around its neck, and the revelations of that gem’s design…

For…a glowing labyrinth of light, whose completion is that of a circuit, infusing one with its transformed energy to travel.

A circuit. Like a Trump: connecting two points with energy along a certain design.

Was it worth it?

“Time to destroy the universe,” he said.

We can build it stronger…faster…smarter…

More and more the question becomes, “What is the Jewel?” and, “How does the Jewel relate?” Because I want to know why there was some sort of “Visual Ritual in 3-D” in the Serpent’s Eye.