How You Can Go Wrong with 4E… in three easy steps.

Old dogs, new tricks. RTFM. Existing programs.

1) Have a family history with 1st Edition, up to the point of literally being known to sleep with the DMG. Look, old habits are hard to change.

2) Don’t read anything on 4E except the excited writings of people who are familiar enough with it to actually write FOR it, and expect to intuit it immediately.

3) Try to translate your existing characters into it rather than build them completely new. This is not an upgrade, this is a whole new OS. Your existing programs may not work.

Rabbits in the Dark

Alas, not about Samurai Lapin, but, actually, Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Of course, that gives me ideas…

If I ever run a Buffy campaign, I’m going to name it:

Rabbits In the Dark

I’m not sure if a Bunnies & Burrows Buffy is all that outrageous, too… hmmm.

Gaming Calendar

I’m trying to fill up my calendar with gaming items, so I can arrange for them. I have “every other Sunday” marked with the Phoenix Exodus group, as soon as the Baby Exodus is done. After the campaign is over, I’m going to probably start serious work on my Enemies campaign.

Monday nights are catch-up details for those, Tuesday and Thursday nights are PBeM moves. Wednesday nights I want to do webpage work. Friday and Saturday nights are full of other arrangements, usually.

I’m planning on going to Courts of Chaos Con, MileHiCon, and AmberCon NorthWest this year. I may end up at XIV-Khan as well, given how local it is.

Next year, I hope to make another AmberCon, either ACUS or ACN, although I don’t know which is more likely.

This, is, of course, the gaming version of my wish list.

Laugh At Me Later

I am not letting having children interfere with my gaming.

We’ll see, of course, if I am to eat these yummy words.

Right now, we’re still on hiatus because of the Any Time Now edge-of-our-seat(-is-beginning-to-hurt-bottom) situation, but that’s more a matter of distance from doctors than anything else.

I think it’s part of my whole “having/making” time conundrum, really. What better way to teach gaming manners than by starting young? “Always chew gaming munchies with your mouth closed.”

Who says I can’t breastfeed at the table? (If you can use a miniature of a female barbarian without a top, I can’t see that you should complain.)

I might have to switch to safer, larger dice that are fairly swallowproof.

And plastic sheet holders for my characters so that the drooling doesn’t mysteriously change my hitpoints.

I can fit my dice in the diaperbag.

I can design scenarios around magical childrens’ toys.

I can even kill martians one-handed if necessary.