A Habitual Location

While your average RPG includes a genre which generally narrows down a few actual places your PCs are going to visit, I was thinking about places my characters have made their own. Maybe it’s a favourite bar, or a group hangout, or the island upon which they keep getting stranded, but there are places they belong more than others.

Damascus’ place, the place that is indubitably hers, is an abandoned carnival under “a soft, sequined, showbiz moon,” 1 where there’s paper lanterns a-light with soft orange glows in the perpetual twilight. There’s a faint leftover scent of popcorn and cotton candy 2 and the rides are manned by the occasional spectral figure. There’s one of those rides that gives you a view of the whole carnival in the shape of a pirate ship.

Ikraam’s place is a luxuriously appointed parlour with religious iconography in the beautifully stained glass window that is the focus of the room. It’s a room of sensual overindulgence, textures and rich colours, and her black armour is polished and kept next to the door, along with a rack of well-cared for weaponry.  She has a particular couch she lounges on, with places for her hands and feet that are starting to wear down, but it’s comfortable and hers.  The rest belongs to the Church, but this couch fits her.

Beryl and Thorn live in a converted coliseum.  Half is reserved for Beryl’s worship and magical workshop, and the other half is Thorn’s blacksmithy and collection of treasure chests. He just likes the designs. The coliseum used to have a blue dragon as a gladiatorial challenger, but its hide now decorates Thorn’s bedroom. (It did kill him during a competition, so he is forgiven for carrying a grudge.)  Alas, they’ve been gone long enough “on adventure” that Beryl’s family is entertaining selling the place.

Elfquest: Briar’s Tale

Briar is the mostly-NPC character I am playing in the Elfquest game. She’s about to try to refuse Recognition, and this is the story behind it.


Briar’s the mostly-NPC character I am “playing” in the Elfquest game. She was Recognized in the last session. I knew a little of her background, but it wasn’t until that hit that I realized the reason why she was going to fight this. Nevermind it’s like refusing water, and it might kill her and her potential mate. She’s got a story, and this is what is behind it.

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Wet Dreams

The gate before us was as black as the sky.

When I dreamed, it was of darkness, a heavy, thick velvet of black and green suffocating the ground below. The rain came down heavily enough that air was seldom separate from the sea. Lightning crackled above the sickly green waters, illuminating the waves of moisture as they met in the area between sky and ocean.

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“O gentle son,

Marius briefly discusses his learning of the Trumps.

Upon the heat and flame of thy distemper

Sprinkle cool patience.”

Hamlet, Act 3, Scene 4

[edited for continuity reasons]

When I think of Trump, I think of the sea wind, and the sound of sailors shouting in the background, bells ringing in the fore. I did not learn of the Trumps so much as learned patience, you see.

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A Grand Affair: Ybara

Ybara wants what makes the Cletus happy. If the Cletus is happy, then she may be given to an older family and not abused too badly. If the Cletus is unhappy, she will have to do bad things.

Similarly, here’s the other character I had, for a very brief time, illustrated in the Grand Affair campaign.

1. What is your character’s background? What shadow is your character from, and what role does he or she play there?

Ybara, Utsukushii of Cletus, one of the oldest members of the Golden Circle, and one where trade is infrequent and secret, but was essential to Oberon’s reign. They are mostly known as a supplier of Lethe as well as other chemicals that suppress questions, uprisings, riots, and memories.

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A Grand Affair: Fiona

She comes across as quite cold to anyone she doesn’t have her eye on… and there have been people who have seen her as a “challenge” because of this. She’s also considered fairly incorrigible…and she could be redeemed.

I had played Fiona for a very short time in the GA campaign. I’m archiving my character questionnaire here just for my own amusement.

What character do you want to play?

Princess Fiona, daughter of (reputedly) the King and the Redheaded Wench from the South.


In order to play an Elder at all, there is a fine balance between traits from the books (“the X we know,”) and providing your own “spin” to make that character “your own.” With my experience with playing Fiona, I feel I have developed a balance that makes the X we know comfortable while allowing my spin to be a more flavourful twist.

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Chantal Days Two and Three, Part One

So, there we are on a ship headed to a harbour the elfies say is “safer” than the one the ship had docked at before. I don’t know how the pixie petes reckon “safe” but we’ll get to that a little later. Pointy-eared pollies. [snort]

Once upon a time in a land far, far away…no, wait, that one’s been used before.

So, there we are on a ship headed to a harbour the elfies say is “safer” than the one the ship had docked at before. I don’t know how the pixie petes reckon “safe” but we’ll get to that a little later. Pointy-eared pollies. [snort]

Apparently sometime during the brawl in which we arrived the ship captured some uberassassin’s baby boy. He taught us a lesson in how to get a good nap, but his acupuncture technique was a little high velocity for me. Still, nothing along the lines of a good mechanical girl, so while the innovation would have surprised some of my previous employers I maintained that I was less than impressed. Still, the mark of the beast was on us now. I think Callidear

scrubbed half her skin off to get rid of it. I yawned. If he had wanted to kill us, we’d be dead. If he wanted to go all Jigglypuff on us that was his fetish. Heck, I would have (and, um, HAVE) done worse.

It was a little spice in a few days which had become exceedingly dull. Let’s see. I learned the length of the deck, the weft and weave of the wood of my purring table…and that Cap’n Millypoo was at some sort of trial. I hoped it had to do with walking on hot coals, but I was determined to find out why I was here rather than leave and have the hand scoop me up and place me back again. I hoped it didn’t have anything to do with my albatross…erm, amulet, but I only expected it anyway.

I was about bored out of my mind when Karr-Neevorus offered to Show Us the Sights. I was so happy I just about kissed him, but, um, you know where pirate lips have been.

On pirate faces, of course.

Sheesh. What DO you think of me?

Callidear got all dressed up. Or, at least I’m assuming she did; it’s not like we’ve had a chance to gussy up our wardrobes, sitting here on the boat. Karr-igible brought along his own pus–the ship cat.

Suspicious. Still, with twinkle-toes around it could be a cait sith or something mystical. Darn elves can’t leave anything alone. It’s not like my tutor couldn’t shift a shape or two. (Two, I think.) So, cat in tow, we went off to find mischief, pleasure, and, um, whatever it was Calli was searching for.

Nasty perfumed men, I think.

Still, she got paid for it, so I don’t have a beef. We all sell ourselves ; it’s just a

matter of enjoying the bargain, right? I prefer to be paid in cold currency and hot blood. If you’re the type who likes to stain the sheets with sweat, well, more power to you.

The bar was busy. Looked like it was my kind of place, but no insult to the proprietor, I was in a bad mood because someone called me “babe.”

Yes, me.



I threw him back.