Red Caps, Red Caps, Roly-Poly…

I’ve decided I want to create a Dogs in the Vineyard cross with Ars Magica … while I was thinking a redcaps (House of Mercere) game, the LintKing thought it would be interesting (and more true to the material) to do a Qu?sitore scenario. Since I’d probably just be running it for him, I figured I’d do some looking up and designing.

Of course, now that I’m doing all of this Qu?sitore research, I want to make it a Dresden Files: The Wardens adventure.

Rebman Sweat

Rebman Sweat poker variant, using UNO (Mattel) cards.

So, an ex-girlfriend of ours introduced us to a variety of poker she had known as “Mexican Sweat.” I loved it on first play.

Stuff: One regular deck of playing cards, betting chips.

Players: 3-7

Initial deal: seven cards face down to each player.


Do not look at your cards!

The player to the dealer’s left is the lead player. The lead player starts flipping over cards until his revealed hand beats the highest revealed hand on the table. As soon as his revealed hand becomes the best hand, he stops flipping cards and begins a round of betting. If he flips all his cards and does not beat what is on the table, he is out and a betting round begins with the high hand. Either way, the next player becomes the new lead player and the process repeats, with a round of betting whenever someone stops revealing cards.

If at any time the lead player reveals a seven of any suit, he must immediately fold and a betting round begins with the high hand.

The game continues until all the cards have been turned up or there is only one person left in the game.

Winner: High hand.

(I have since looked it up, and I’d say it was “close enough” to the official variant.)

Since I rarely use ethnic disparagings with titles, we immediately dubbed it Martian Sweat, since, well, Martians aren’t going to complain, now, are they?

Intrigued with the possibilities, I ended up deciding there had to be a way to make it even better. I have since dubbed this new variant, Rebman Sweat. Because, you know, in Amber, Rebmans are the butt of all the ethnic jokes.

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Funky Wonky Monkey

The Funky Wonky Monkey system, from one of Meera’s dreams.

So I had this dream about a new system a friend was trying out, and we were playing along with great characters (mine was an ex-Jedi who abandoned the Council because he had figured that love was more important) and enough of the system remained when I woke up to suggest it as a little fun add-on to your diced system of choice.

Three dice (d6) are added: one is a black one (the “funky”), another is red (the “wonky”) and another is unusual in some fashion (the “monkey.”) These dice can be rolled in any order, and in any combination of two WITH the regular dice roll, BUT they have to all be used once before you can roll one again… so you could roll a funky, a wonky & monkey, and then a funky & wonky, but no duplications until all three have been added.

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Game Futures (II)

Taking up the Jvstin Dream Game Meme or whatever you’d like to call it, I’ve been having to really consider games for the next AmberCon I visit.

Luckily my campaign is the kind that (generally) takes people time to respond… not so much cerebral as multilayered. While there’s no doubt it’s Amber, it’s still far enough away that I don’t consider it when I consider my general Amber malaise.

On the other hand, I still dream Amber. I still have Amber ideas. I have Amber FtF players in Denver, if I can afford to make the trip.

I have, of course, my Enemies campaign. I haven’t been working on it because of everything else taking my time. It’s still a possibility, and I’m actually hoping our BESM group might be interested once our current campaign is concluded.

I’m looking to run a one-shot Buffy game soon for the kids. (They’re huge Buffy fans.) I’ve been very tempted by the Buffy/Miskatonic crossovers, as I can really see the appeal and flow of such a thing. In this case I want to try something slightly serious on the little ones.

I want to run a dark Earthdawn PBeM with two-to-four very active players. (No one in mind, actually, but I have a campaign I’ve had the recipe for for years. Has to do with Ork Liberators, primarily, and the Horrors past Barsaive.) Since picking up The Art of the Dark Crystal I’ve really been wondering if it would mesh well with Earthdawn…

I just haven’t been “turned on” by any new systems, recently. I’ve got an idea for a demon-hunting Kult game, but I’d probably be porting the rules over to something else.

And no, I still don’t have a pirate game in mind…

Illegal Gods: Background Fiction

It was war.

War was never declared, never spoken in a, “This means war,” sort of fashion. No gauntlets were thrown, no politicians made speeches creating enemies of the wraiths of slavery and allies of the golems of solidarity. No leader spoke of righteousness. Only the uniforms and the casualties that paraded across the screens were given words by those of shallow celebrity status. It was war, never declared, but known by all.

I served. All of us did. First my laboratory was raided, and my knowledge was requested by the autarch in power. His name was known but meaningless. I was given the sublime carrot, the ability to practice on subjects that such things as law and humanity would not allow. I would be able to get meaningful results, if I could provide what my leader required.

My leader required soldiers. Soldiers without the will to protest their enlistment. Robots with the processing ability, the survival ability, of the human brain. I was to twist desire into loyalty and provide pleasure for it. It was an easy task. One that allowed me time for my own projects.

It was a terrible war, and there was no one to stop it.

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Of course, the seminal rules for keeping your own pet gremlin was to beware of exposure to water, sunlight, and feeding them after midnight…

Of course, the seminal rules for keeping your own pet gremlin was to beware of exposure to water, sunlight, and the all important “feeding them after midnight.” (This is a lot like children, although it seems (at least locally) to be more “exposure to sugar after school” that turns them into monsters…)

Is that “midnight local time,” or…? I remember reading the novelization which suggested almost otherworldly origins, but I was thinking of adding gremlins into a Feng Shui campaign (they seem very Chinese-mythos to me…)

Product Placement

“You want ointment that defies glamour? Available in the supermarket,” he danced a little step towards the counter.

I looked up at the display. “You’ve got to be kidding me.”

He shook his head, revealing the slightly pointed ears beneath his curls. “Dead serious.” He tilted his head and smiled. “Read the ingredients list.” He took the small can off the shelf and handed it to me.

I nodded slowly.

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Pre-Season Training

Rainbow K has been reading The Great Book of Amber. She’s in preparation mode to visit ACNW this year, and I told her she has to read the books first. (She’s relieved as of last night that I’m not subscribing her to the mailing list. Just because I have 900+ messages there I really haven’t read…)

What makes this SO cute to me is that she’ll come in excitedly and read bits of it aloud to me, like I’ve never heard them. She also has a running commentary of who “the important people” are and who she thinks should be on the throne, and things like that. It’s great. (So far she doesn’t like Eric.)

She did point out to me that there were “a lot of dirty words” in the book, but that she was “OK with them.” Hmmmm. She said nothing at all about the scene between Corwin and Moire. Maybe I should poke around at that…