Strange Macho Women with Guns Setting?

I do a lot of random connecting through the ‘net. I mean, forget the surfing metaphor; I’m a spider crossed with a magpie making all the hyperlinks to the shiny. [If I weren’t the worst rapper in the world, I’d have something there…]

So, I read something on the Birch Aquarium except I’m tired and it was a funny font and I read the “r” in “Birch” as a “t.”

Gives “Shark Week” a whole new meaning.

The Map Game

The Map Game, preliminary rules and brief discussion.

We play a lot of Dots and Boxes. (Oh no! There’s places you can play ONLINE… I’m doomed!) Well, not as much as we used to, because we don’t have money to eat out anymore, but it used to fill up a lot of the time between ordering and receiving our meals. That time some folks use to do silly things, like catch up on all the daily events each have instigated, we use to trash talk and intimidate our opponents. Well, actually, the last few games I’ve played have been tutorials, but you have to build ’em up to knock ’em down, right?

So, we’ve gotten kind of tired of lines and boxes. We’ve got a new game, we call, “The Map Game.”

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Two Games I Want to Watch

Nevermind, maybe I’ll run them myself…

“A crippled Irishman with a dream to be a samurai and the crew of a starship are Earth’s last hope at stopping an alien invasion; unfortunately, they must wait for the signal to fight in a Chinese restaurant, where amusing antics take place.”

“Some sentient hydrogen and several bison wish to become vampires; unfortunately, an army of 17-foot tall undead boars challenge them to a duel with their champion.”

Nevermind, maybe I’ll run them myself…

Bedsheets and Spreadsheets

Let’s not talk about the chocolate pudding, shall we?

“I can’t quite open a spreadsheet on my napkin. But I wrote all of my other game notes on napkins.” – me

“You go through the north door. There is what appears to be a smudge of mustard. Call it an ochre jelly.” – tLK

The Itch

I’ve got The Itch. I bet you’ve had it before, too. When you’ve suddenly had a wonderful character idea burst into your head, and no game to play.

Sometimes you can satiate it with writing, but this one just clicked in that way that explains why I’ve had that edge-of-writer’s-cramp feeling all day.

Now I’m going to have to run a game to play him in, I think. Arrrgh.