Other Works

credits and bits and pieces outside of JNM(mnj)

K. A. M. Lintz:

  • “Cyberway: Bringing High-Tech to Everway” (Pyramid volume 2)
  • something in Liber Reliquarum (In Nomine) <– this is just a placeholder

Works in Progress:

(lots and lots of TORG arguments)
(lots and lots of Earthdawn commentary)

Gaming Biography:

(to be written later)

The Fierce:

Works in Progress (in order of completion, most complete first):

Hellsing House: A halfway home for monsters.  (Fate RPG)
Illegal Gods: (system independent)
A Land of Our Own: (scenario for the wars of Wonderland versus Neverland)
to be named later: (post-apocalyptic scenario)
Mars Magicka: No, really, I’m going to do this someday.

I am a third generation gamer, raising a fourth generation. Gaming is a part of my life. 

(revising my biography)

I was once mistakenly president of IRPS (International RolePlaying Society) until I was thankfully (no, really, I can’t thank them enough) ousted.  I used to write for the RPG Times.  (I’d love to find my old articles somewhere…no, I didn’t keep copies – everything on the internet is permanent, right?) I used to have a regular humour column at RPG.NET back when it was cool.  (I also maintained their humour gaming links.)  If I’m not thoroughly engaged in my work I want to be working on my urban fantasy web serial (Portal Doctor E) or one of the games I’m writing.   When I’m not thinking about my work in fair and affordable housing, I’m probably thinking about gaming.  I have an AD&D first edition game I inherited from my father, and I dabble in everything else, except my partner tells me that if we divorce, all I get to take with me is the RIFTS collection.  (pout)  I claim my favourite game is Nightlife, I can use the term “sandbox” non-ironically, I occasionally write gaming poetry (although most of what poetry I write these days is about dirty weasels), and even though everyone says I’m the wicked one, I always somehow end up playing paladins (and suspect, sadly, that I’m really a bard.)