A bunch of brainstormed bits.

A bunch of concepts to spin into ideas later from my ACNW 2005 Saturday Morning placemat.

From ACNW 2005, I had written all of this stuff on a placemat at breakfast (with the prodigious Mr. McGuinness and his delicious wife) as some “atmospheric ideas” for my upcoming game.

Just listed here for future reference in case I want to spin something from them in the future.

  • visions of the future:

    • the bloody sun

    • the laughing mad unicorn

    • the black madness

    • the congealing of the seas

  • taking the shroud

  • removing the image

  • a sacrifice of corruption

  • a redemption of innocence

  • a pointed kiss

  • the grove of wooden swords

  • the selkie, the sorceress, and the spy

  • the coming together of power, the centre does not hold

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