In the Meantime…

“Rats.” – the LintKing

“Rats?” I paused. “Was that `wererats,’ or `Rats, I don’t know?'”

“Wererats. I’ve never been aware of a ‘were-shuckydarn.'”

Or the Shi’ir coincidence:

“I went to this orgy, and it was SO embarrassing…everyone had on the same thing: a birthday suit!”

Life is Fine when Things Combine

Queer Eye of Sauron

“Queer Eye of Sauron?”

[said in response]

“Okay, this is a nice valley you have here, but you’re not DOING anything with it. So first thing, we’re going to carpet it with orcs. I mean, orcs as far as you can see, OK? They’re a great mud-green color that will set off your mountains perfectly, so I think they’re just the thing. Now, about these big walls you’ve got going here. It’s like, you’re trying to keep everybody OUT, do you see what I’m saying here? So they’ve obviously got to come down…”

(Meera says, “This is Visine. Now, you can get this at any drugstore, and you just drop it in like this…”)