Fiasco – Tangled Twins

“It’s mine,” they shout, once more in synchronization.
“I will kill you,” Danny (the male) says to the other.
“I will destroy you!” Dani (the female) says to the male.
“The gold is mine,” Danny says.
“Fine, keep it!” Dani says. “The mummy, it is mine!”

I’d had this idea to start teaching Fiasco to the kids because it’s a shorter game than our D&D sessions tend to be and thus we can do it maybe a bit more often. I chose the “DragonSlayers” playset because that sounded to me to have the tropes with which the kids would be familiar. With a little burble of rules issues due to my speeding through we had our characters: Kellie and Kelly, Dani and Danny.

You might note a similarity with those names. Well, one relationship was “Simulacrum and Original” and the other was “Golem and Maker” so while the first set thought “Let’s not know who is the real one,” I suggested that there was some kind of magical issue that did this to everyone in the town, related to the shared event of the dungeon collapsing, and maybe the mummy’s mysterious gold ring…

It starts with a dream. Kellie the assassin is sent a dream of her target, but there’s two suddenly! A male and female version of Danny/Dani the mad wizard who lives in the crooked tower just outside the walls of the town.

Dani and Danny step in synchronization on two rolling gold coins and look triumphantly at the other.

“It’s mine,” they shout, once more in synchronization.
“I will kill you,” Danny (the male) says to the other.
“I will destroy you!” Dani (the female) says to the male.
“The gold is mine,” Danny says.
“Fine, keep it!” Dani says. “The mummy, it is mine!”

Two mummies stagger towards the mad wizard pair, and Dani reaches out to embrace the one near her.

Danny steps on an ancient match which slides and ignites under his shoe and is then is kicked up and thrown into a vat of oil that explodes into fiery droplets onto the mummies.

“No!” they both shout, and then try to make their escape. They consult the ripped halves of their maps, that look a little like a map of the paths of the dead. While Dani is escaping, she trips and has managed to somehow rip a finger off the mummy’s hand with a mysterious gold ring. She pockets it and then shouts, “Minion save me!” as the mummies catch fire and blow up in an explosion.

Kellie wakes up. (black die-Kellie)

Back in the real world, Danny is busy looting a dungeon for “materials” (necromantically inclined) and he wanders into a sarcophagus. A moment later, both he and a female version of himself (Dani) come out and begin ordering each other to do things. They accuse each other of being each other’s creation, and the events of Kellie’s dream come to light. The bickering ends as a piece of the dungeon collapses as the mummies draw close. It is a second piece of dungeon falling down that puts out enough fire to allow Dani to get back on her feet. Both Dans get out from opposite sides of the dungeon, both intent on returning to “their” laboratory. (black die-Dani)

Despite their best intent, the two Dans meet up on the only road into town, one having crawled from the ruins of the west end of the collapsed dungeon, the other through the forest on the east end… They run into Kelly, who blinks a few times and thinks something unusual may have happened, but he is busy dealing with the demise of his adventuring team. Dani calls up the spirit and form of a dismembered deer to attack Danny. Danny draws on a golem from his tower. Kelly just watches the two continue to bicker, fight, and push their way in rushing through to the wizard tower. (black die-Danny)

Kelly goes into town to split some of the treasure with the relatives of the adventuring team only to find out that there is chaos as the town’s doubles find each other. He salves feelings and tries to find a peaceful solution, halving the rewards to make sure each double gets a fair share. He is fairly successful at calming the fears of the people he meets. (white die-Kelly)

When he returns, tired, to his home, there is a woman at the table, a duplicate of him, using his expensive inks, and his expensive paper and doodling catapults. He offers her a glass of tea. He tries to find out what she’s doing. “I have a target,” she explains. “I just don’t know which one of them is the right one.”

Lightning crashes and the rain begins to pour, mostly around the wizard’s tower where there’s shouting and the occasional explosion.

Kelly tries to persuade Kellie that maybe there’s a better way. A peaceful way.

Kellie says she thinks she should just burn down the entire tower.

Another crash. More shouting.
“Minion! Do as I say!”
“You, golem, do as *I* say!”

Kelly looks at Kellie. “How can I help?” (white die-Kellie)

Kellie and Kelly work through the evening into the late night hours as the crashing and disturbances of the tower grow more agitated and aggravating the already concerned portion of the town. Townspeople mutter things about how this might even be the fault of the dark wizard. There’s a huge ka-boom, and the walls of the town shake.

Dani looks at the ring and wonders if this isn’t some kind of curse related to the mummies disturbed in the ruins. She only has half of Irbhin’s Spirit Guide (Tobin’s cousin.) She wants the other half, but it means dealing with her…other half. She sends her deer spirit with a note to Danny’s quarters. After destroying it, Danny reads the note and sends one back with a killer werebeast explaining there isn’t a problem with duplicates, especially after Danny destroys her. She decides she’ll have to take desperate measures to get a copy. (black die-Dani)

Aggravated by Dani’s failure to follow his orders or self-destruct, Danny sends a virulent plague of creatures to tear Dani apart. He throws a little party of glee when it appears to work. (white die-Danny)

…but it is then that the catapults of chemical fire start thudding against the tower, and it starts crashing into the ground. (white die-Kelly)

So, that’s 8 dice, and we’re ready for the tilt. Dani’s dead, Danny’s tower is destroyed… or are they?

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