GM/Play Strengths (MaB)

Gray Pawn challenged others to complete this list, and I was thinking, “That was cool, I should look at doing that.” In fact, I really resonated with some of his answers and may have kept them in part or whole. It’s probably not exhaustive.

Why You Want Me To GM Your Game

My Favourite Genres
– Urban Fantasy
– Both Self-Aware and Serious AD&D
– Amber (does that count? I think it counts!)
– Political Fantasy (…also Amber, but I mean heavily political with running small groups of troops and diplomats and everything, provided the system is more narrative than most wargames)
– Space Opera

What I love to do and am good at:
– Evoking a mood, a place, an idea, ready to be shaped in everyone’s heads maybe a little differently.
– Debating morals/ethics in-character
– Taking faith seriously as a part of the worldview. (AKA: All of my games are about redemption.)

What I’m not good at:
– Voices. Inflections, sure, gestures, body language, I can do those… but at accents, I am especially awkward. No, seriously – if you need (or just want) to laugh, ask me to start doing accents.
– Soundtracks (I can set up playlists after a while, but music can really distract me during the game – background is generally okay, but being responsible for the sound is annoying and comes from being the daughter/niece of professional soundpeople.)
– Narrating or watching sex scenes be narrated in any real detail. (Yes, I ran several adult games, and this is probably a top reason they ended up failing…)
– Believing that Barsaive is any bigger than Rhode Island.
– Taking rules seriously.
– Taking what I dish out. [snort, grin]

Things I want to get better at:
– I seem to be able to do either a really great climactic scene or an excellent denouement. I’d like to be able to do both.
– Driving players to greatness.

What I Really Don’t Want to Do or Don’t Care About:
– Playing in a historical setting with historical accuracy, especially modern wars.
– Playing canon characters, or encountering/interacting with canon characters. (Dunkelzahn lives!)
– Cheating. Seriously, if you need to cheat to enjoy the game, go right ahead…

Stuff I Just Don’t Like In My Games, Period
– Elaborate, character-denying wank.
– Death for the sake of drama.

Why You Want Me In Your Game
– I know how to use strength attributes without just “HULK SMASH.”
– I’m the daughter of a filthy filker… which sounds like the opening line to one.
– I love to play the extremely loyal minion who works to keep the leader from sullying her hands.
– I will cleric/paladin the heck out of the place.
– My characters often create elaborate conspiracy theories.
– I don’t mind losing terribly, or “can’t win” scenarios.
– I am all about encouraging others to take chances: to choose doing something good over something easy
– I love Pirates! All kinds of pirates, but maybe especially space pirates!