Howl in the Half-Light


HitHL Expanded – the full package, includes:

1) System Page

2-6) Scenarios for the “Terror From the North Campaign”

7) GM Instructions for the campaign

8-9) Urban Scenarios

10) Game Designer Notes

HitHL Scenario Template for building your own scenarios.

HitHL – Starter Questions  These are what I ask when starting a new game with players.

HitHL – Starter Questions Examples A list of example answers for the starter questions.

MaBarry says:

Written originally for the Indie Mix-Tape compilation, there were certain restrictions placed on format that I like to think I enjoyed. It’s a werewolf game, based off a song which probably has zero to do with werewolves. Art is in the eyes of the interpreter, right?  There are a lot of werewolf games out there, but this is a silly little game you can run with 1d6. I think it’s fun. Ask me to run it for you!

(Please note the inclusion of werewolves who are transgendered, werewolves who are disabled, and werewolves with a wide range of sexual preferences, as well as werewolves of color is entirely purposeful.)