Kickstarter Results 10/31/2018

I have backed 209 projects on Kickstarter, as of this afternoon. Of them, 18 have either failed or I had to cancel for various reasons, and I feel like only 5 are in the, “Probably write them off,” phase. That’s a pretty darn good return, if you ask me. (Of the “write them off,” one is a deck of cards, three are well-known RPG projects, and one is a set of kids’ books, totalling $60.00.) As that’s about $6400 of projects (including shipping) (or about $30.62 a piece) that’s basically 2 bad calls.


Maybe three, because there was one other I received that I ended up not liking. But then, there were two things I ordered additional stuff from on BackerKit, so maybe it all washes out.


(It’s a lot of money, but it’s also been a lot of years, and a lot of it was gifts for other people, for which I have a separate budget.)

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