#MayRPGQ2018 Day 26

Who do you want to make a game with and why?

Darnit, I know too many good Thinkers, and the people I know who are good Thinkers and into gaming already have their plates super-full of one thing or another (and honestly, it’s rarely gaming, but when it is, it’s SO GOOD.) I need a good Thinker, and then I need a good Person Person. The good People People are usually available, but I need the good Thinker to look after and discuss with me before those Personable People can really give it the emotional oomph it needs. Then I need the Clear Editor who can write things like, “Seriously, 132 footnotes? No. It stopped being funny at the 19th,” and “You need more… I dunno, ACTUAL RULES here?” and maybe a, “Stop using this word. It doesn’t mean what you think it means.” (ahem) But I’ll do all the heavy lifting, don’t get me wrong.

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