#MayRPGQ2018 Day 28

Where do you want to go, event wise to play a game this year?

Outside of occasional chances to play at the place Out There But It Has Milkshakes, we’re thinking conventions. We weren’t able to wrangle NewMexiCon, and we’re looking at either ACNW or BigBadCon right now. Or… splitting the family. My partner and the Fierce Jaguar want AmberCon NorthWest, myself and the boy want BBC. Frankly, the kids haven’t earned both, and they’re within like 2 weeks of each other. Ugh. Maybe I’ll ask the Internet to decide. [laughing]


#MayRPGQ2018 Day 26

Who do you want to make a game with and why?

Darnit, I know too many good Thinkers, and the people I know who are good Thinkers and into gaming already have their plates super-full of one thing or another (and honestly, it’s rarely gaming, but when it is, it’s SO GOOD.) I need a good Thinker, and then I need a good Person Person. The good People People are usually available, but I need the good Thinker to look after and discuss with me before those Personable People can really give it the emotional oomph it needs. Then I need the Clear Editor who can write things like, “Seriously, 132 footnotes? No. It stopped being funny at the 19th,” and “You need more… I dunno, ACTUAL RULES here?” and maybe a, “Stop using this word. It doesn’t mean what you think it means.” (ahem) But I’ll do all the heavy lifting, don’t get me wrong.

#MayRPGQ2018 Day 24

What game do you want to take apart and make into something new?

A little squeaky voice in my head says, “I want to make In Nomine into the Kult TOON game I secretly thought it was.” I shush the little squeaky voice in my head. “You’re just making trouble and you know it.”

Really? I still admit that I love re-working Amber games, but that barely counts. Um… Nightlife for sure. The question is, do I want to take it more the “Mail Order Monsters” route, or the “Aspects are the Nature of the Beast” route, and I’m not sure. I do know that my version probably doesn’t have 20 pages on types of weapons. [laugh]

#MayRPGQ2018 Day 22

Why do you play and make games in the genres and styles you do?

Okay, let’s see:

  • Monster halfway house, full of group therapy and chosen-family tropes.
  • Space opera with smuggling gods and rebellion.
  • Group of people reclaiming artifacts in a world remaking itself from apocalypse.
  • Neverland and Wonderland at war because little kids can’t share.
  • ¬†You get one chance to redeem yourself, because magic ain’t fair, kid.

What do all of these have in common?

Oh yeah. Family. Family’s pretty important to me. I mom people. I’m a professional Wendy. I am a big sister, the adultier adult. So maybe all I’m doing is giving people a chance to have a family in another way. Hmmm. I’ll have to think about this one a bit.

#MayRPGQ2018 Day 20

Who do you want to play with more than anything and why?

There are several people who come to mind immediately, and then lists and lists of people who come to mind when I have a moment to think about it. So instead of naming names, I think I should just say that I’d love to re-connect with some people, and I’d love to have a few minutes to play with online friends I never get to see even though we’re at the same conventions together. NOT NAMING NAMES. [ahem] I’d really like to meet and game with some of the lovely people with whom I’ve had correspondence over the years even if “online friend” seems a little presumptuous. Most of all, I want to be on someone’s list for this. [sticking out tongue]

#MayRPGQ2018 Day 18

Where do you play that most encourages your creative side?

Did I mention rolling dice underwater? “Where” is an interesting concept. I would say that I totally miss the early days of my Storium experiences, because I think there was a lot of really neat, creative options going on there… but it still carries the curse of all of my on-line gaming… I love the one-on-one games asynchronous play games, especially e-mail. It gives me the space I need, but I can’t PBeM it because to this day I can’t keep a creative schedule. (Rather, a schedule of being creative at a certain time and pace.) So anyone who wants to game with me has to understand that three weeks later it’s still “current and alive” to me, as much as it was fifteen minutes later.

#MayRPGQ2018 Day 16

In what environment do you most enjoy playing and why?


It can be difficult to roll dice underwater, is all I’m saying here.


(Hahaha. Thalassophobic, me? Thalassophobic me?)


More seriously, I suppose, I actually love the noise of a room of people all playing games. I might be terribly jealous if I’m not at the table seeming to have the most fun, but if I’m involved enough, we’re all in each other’s heads anyway.


…but it’s better with cats, and having easy access to tea.

#MayRPGQ2018 Day 14

Where do you get inspiration for characters, settings, or design?

I play Amber.

That’s probably enough said, but I’m from the generation of Amber players who can parse a single sentence of the canon material and come up with six different game rule ideas. Corwin may be hard to bear, but he knows just little enough to give a wide range of room to play.

What’s actually kind of interesting to me is the inverse: where do I not get inspiration? I hadn’t realised for years and years that I had put up a specific barrier between gaming and “me.” Maybe I was worried about what people would think, since “playing yourself” was such a taboo, or maybe I wanted to reinforce that I knew fantasy from reality or somesuch nonsense. I mean, sure, I have heart characters, but that’s different. I am flirting a bit with the idea of making characters or game situations that come from “real life,” and it intrigues me, but it’s still too intimate in most cases.

#MayRPGQ2018 Day 12

What mechanics make you feel excited and ready to play?

Ones that involve pulling my hair and biting my neck.


I wish I knew of positive examples here, because all I’m thinking is that if I get another game that’s “you have some ingredients, now make a scene,” I really might make a scene. {harumph}

Look, I totally understand the appeal of that kind of play. I just don’t think people see the inherent privilege issues in it. Maybe privilege isn’t the right word, but there’s an immense skew towards a certain kind of social interaction there that I just don’t have. Sure, I can put my sadist pants on and just say, “You, you, you, and me, we’re in this scene, and this is happening,” but without sadist pants it implies I have to Ask Permission All The Time. It’s tiring, and it’s unpleasant, and it’s just not something I hear people saying, so maybe it’s just me.

When I’m playing, say, Fate, or AD&D, I’ve got dice for that. Heck, I’ve got wandering monsters if I have to… I know things about the world and how it works. There’s already a consensus with which I and the group are familiar, a meta-agreement that allows us to push the edges of a design with a gestaltic understanding of what fits and what doesn’t. When I play with strangers at a con table, I don’t have that luxury.

You know what game makes me feel comfortable that is that kind of play? InSpectres. Part of that is comfort with the genre, part of it is that the stakes are so much lower than some of the other games in that mechanical vein.

Brainstorm: Maybe that’s the next game I should mash up my beloved Nightlife with…hmmm.

#MayRPGQ2018 Day 10

What games do you dream about making, but haven’t quite got there?

[looks at WIP sheet]


What just seems to me to be “a while back” but is actually “a long time ago” someone told me I should make games I want to play. I should run games I want to play. That’s all well and good but there’s still corollaries and antecedents to that. Not everyone’s willing to jump into a highly political convention game in a world with a strong faith-basis they don’t know with powers that are more evocative than defined. [ahem] Even without rainbow ponies.

If I had to choose between my babies works in progress, I’d probably say the one I’d like to see actually come to life would be Hellsing House even if it’s just a pretty, pretty sourcebook for someone. It’s… getting there. Really. I breathe a little bit of life into it now and again when the time and energy allows. I want to say Illegal Gods more than HH, because I would play Illegal Gods all day anyday, but again, it mostly exists in my head. It’s my space opera heartbreaker, I know.