Riding Piggyback

I’ve been musing about Illegal Gods system design lately. Yes, in part because I’m supposed to be putting my word count in back at the Portal Doctor, but also because there’s a couple of upcoming opportunities to work with people who know how to design games, and I kind of want to take advantage of that.

I’ve (of course) thought about simply designing it as a piggyback on someone else’s system. There are, for example, a lot of different space-happy Fate1 designs. In my head, Illegal Gods is a space opera. The reason it’s got a space setting is because of the Spiders, and the dream that sparked it, and the entheogens’ science-fiction aspect. The problem is, I also want to have border runs on frontier planets with Uixtochihuatl helping you mine the salt mines, and fighting ice pirates 2(okay, maybe not those) along with political and psychic battles.

Wow, that sounds like fun, right? Sure, I could presumably do most of that with something like the Serenity RPG. But then we have the aspects of the gods to consider. It’s not enough to be a soul-jockey taking over a huli jing, but having to share headspace with Ares who is trying to craft a war between the psionic ambassador of Cottman Four and the colony of Acheron on LV-426.


Yes, we used BESM for the original story pieces. It was convenient and allowed us to stat up a lot of the various neat things we wanted to do, but it wasn’t quite enough. That’s kind of the problem; I can get almost as far as I want with a lot of different systems, but I can’t go all the way. 3The thing with Fate is that if I do it that way, the “Trouble” aspect could simply be the Deity aspect. It fits the scenario well, and even if the “Trouble” is you’re an atheist, that can be used for and against you.  On the other hand, if I’m working with Hellsing House as a Fate game, am I really using the system right to do both types of games?

  1. I have finally grown out of wanting to acronymize it. As long as it isn’t confused with FATAL, I suppose we’re OK.
  2. What do you mean you’ve never seen The Ice Pirates? Didn’t you have a bad movie night at your house?
  3. Anyone making comparisons between this statement and my dating life gets smacked.

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