#RPGaDay2018 numbers 1-5

1) What do you love about RPGs?


So presumptuous. I might even loathe RPGs. Oh, wait, this is #RPGaDay2018. If I’m answering, I can be presumed to at least share the hobby. (I don’t share well. “It’s mine! Mine, I say! Go away! I’m hoarding it!” Except, like, the exact opposite. “The first one’s free…”)




I love that they’re like the perfect use of so much down time. They’re tools to learn how to interact with the world (any world, really, depending on your knowledge of hidden rules) and for empathy towards others. They’re opportunities to laugh with friends, and to make heroic choices. It’s a chance to be larger than life, or to be smaller and yet still significant.


2) What do you look for in an RPG?


Unfortunately, like all art, it’s a “I know it when I see it,” situation. Sometimes I have someone in mind for an RPG, like “Familiars of Terra” sounds like a game my little Jaguar will love. Sometimes I just want to see the new hotness or support a creator. Sometimes it’s for reference for my own game(s).


To add, “to play?” on to this question, I’m looking for something that doesn’t have a huge entry barrier, and that someone is willing to teach me through if I don’t know it. Also, something that sounds like fun and is in my genre venns. “To run?” it has to have either a mechanic or a world that really grabs me as interesting and something I need to interact with someone else to really ferret out.


3) What gives a game `staying power’?


There’s a line down the middle of this page, and on one side it has iconic games, genre-defining, and well-played. On the other side are games that just were so much fun “that one time,” or sound like they’re going to be ultra-cool.


4) Most memorable NPC?


This is really sad that I can’t remember the name of the NPC Pikabu had a crush on…which suggests he wasn’t memorable, but is more that I lived that crush in Pikabu’s head so hard that she blushes even thinking about it. Which didn’t mean she didn’t melt the bottom of his elevator with a laser rifle array, because there’s crushes and then there’s mission. (He was the head of some kind of business empire in Aeon/Trinity way back when.)


Ones that I’ve run? Trahern. I mean, I have so many options here, but while he isn’t a heart character, Trahern prevails in being this oddly hopeful cynic, whose foreseen future has not deviated no matter what decisions he’s made, and yet he loves so honestly and purely, even knowing his eyes will be burned out and his powers taken away someday. (Amber DRPG)


5) Favourite recurring NPC?


I move a lot of my discarded game PCs to NPCs in places just to keep their story going which might count? I can tell you my partner’s most hated recurring NPC: King Arthur. ‘Cause that guy just KEEPS SHOWING UP all the time, in all the books. [laugh] Maybe a favourite is likely a type, more than a person: I like the type of NPC who seems to know everything except the one simple thing the PCs think of… and has to scramble to refigure things.

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