#RPGaDay2018 numbers 13-14

13) Describe how your play has evolved.


I prefer to think of this question as inspirational rather than merely presumptuous. See, I’m doing so much GM-led games, and I’m really, really, really trying to intuit more GM-less games… because even when I have a GM-less game, I generally find it better having some kind of facilitator who is super-confident of the rules. Why not call that facilitator the GM? I mean, all I tend to do is kind of herd the PCs (player cats!) in a direction they want to go anyway, and resolve things the way we all agree it should be done, right? We’re all in it for the “Oooh!” and the “Hah!” moments that are enjoyed together, afterall. (Not saying you can’t have “oooh!” and “hah!” moments on your own, but wash your hands before and after and keep the door to your room closed, please.)


14) How far from human do you enjoy getting the chance to be in an RPG?

(alternate question)


Recently there was a discussion elsestream about what things you share with your characters, and honestly? I think humanity (not necessarily being human) is one of the things I prefer to keep in my characters. Sometimes it’s fun to find the path to that humanity — my half-spider girl Jinx-Jobina wasn’t quite sure why you didn’t eat your babies, but it was important to her to try to understand it. As for actual being human or not, well, depends on the game’s framework: from personal experience, centaurs and dungeons are a bad mix. So are giraffes.


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