#RPGaDay2018 questions 15-17

15) Describe a tricky RPG experience that you enjoyed?


Back when we were young, foolish, and had friends, we played a number of Amber Diceless Throne Wars. One ran by the LintKing really had some of the best scenes, but I was very, very proud of my role as Princess Krrsed. I was just trying to hold my own between the two best ADRPG players I knew, and I think I did okay.


At one point, the first in Psyche was trying to groom my not-very-bright Princess to attack the other, by giving me a pair of dark glasses that instead of drowning out the sun highlighted items with psychic ability. He did it, saying, “Now, these are special glasses. You want to attack whatever shows up the brightest.”


And then he realised I was staring in his direction.


I wasn’t bright, but I was 1.5 rank in Warfare, and I think 1st rank in Strength.


As a GM, one of my favourite bits was also a Throne War where the person who was first in Warfare, seeing their enemy walking the Pattern, said, “I throw my dagger at—WAIT!” realizing the potential effect of bleeding all over it.


Good times.


16) Describe your plans for your next game.


Eek, next game or next session?


I’m running a fun family AD&D game that’s kind of a 1st edition / 5th edition blend. The next session they actually get into some dungeoneering in the labs of a mad scientist with a corrupted artifact. I can’t wait until they get into the greenhouse.


The next game I’m planning on running? I’m re-doing a successful LARP from AmberCon NorthWest to be less system-dependent, so maybe Big Bad Con 2019 I can run it. It’s based on the auction of horrible and precious things, kind of like the Key in Sandman, but everyone has something they want, and something they can give, and none of it is pleasant. I mean, it’s soul destroying fun.


The next game I’m more likely to run locally? I’m finally putting together that horror portal game I’ve been promising myself. It will not be Waxworks 2. It will probably have a series of puzzles.


17) How do you prepare for a one-shot.


This was an alternate question.


I think the important thing about a one-shot is giving players something to do. I have my world, and I know what things are likely to happen, but if they don’t have reasons to be there, why do it? I like providing inter-character hooks, good explanation of background events that could inspire them, and I try to design something cool for them to conquer and feel adventurous at the end.

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