Undisciplined: A Horror Game (FAE) — Introduction

100% of early respondents wanted “post-apocalypse with monsters.”

I haven’t really messed with Fate Accelerated Edition all that much, because in general I feel like rolling skills seems to be more of a focus of my players than how they do those skills, and FAE is all adverb.  Not that I’m adverse to adverbs, of course, but while “LY” plays in my head on a regular basis, I just hadn’t felt like I had a game world, players, and story concept that really applied.

Then I offered to run a horror game. I mean, I was cajoled into it? No, wait, I wanted to run a horror game for my horror wife1, and somehow other folks got involved. I think they just wanted to game.  So I had to find a system, and I thought about it. I wanted something different than Pathfinder or any of the Dungeons and Dragons varieties, and this was a good foothold in the door, plus it met my other standards:

  • We roll dice. (Sorry, ADRPG2.)
  • Character creation is fun and cooperative.
  • Minimum resource management is required. 3
  • It encourages (and rewards) the use of more description in one’s actions. 4

The five characters are:

  1. Wr(a/e)th5.  A monster to monsters, he has a vaguely First Nation background.
    High concept: Masquerading Monster.
    Trouble: Enough is Never Enough.
    Aspects: I live in both the Astral and Material Planes, There is no point in hiding, and The Devil You Know.
    Stunts: “Teacher’s Pet” allows to assist another player with a +2 to a Forceful Roll.
    “The Green-Eyed Monster” puts up a warning to any (other) monsters in a two-zone area for the full day that these people are under protection.
  2. Ji-Woon Hak6. A star known for wearing a mink boa and diamond cufflinks, but he looks good in anything… or nothing at all.
    High Concept: All Eyes on Me.
    Trouble: What I Wouldn’t Give for More.
    Aspects: I was my trainer’s favorite in blade and body, I am linked with the Entity,  and Anything for the fun.
    Stunts: “That Sound When You Bleed” allows Ji-Woon to hear the truth in someone’s statement, with a +2 to Clever to insight-check them.  “Showstopper” brings a +2 to any Flashy events when the blades are thrown.
  3. Lirium Shayes7.Not so Irish it hurts, but it definitely punches the stereotype a bit.
    High Concept: Gaelic Shines Like the Moon
    Trouble: It Doesn’t Count if I Don’t Get Caught
    AspectsMaster of Mechanisms, Photographic Memory, Phonographic Ear.
    Stunts: “A Cat in a Past Life” allows a +2 if unobserved or at a height with less than 6 people around them, to Sneaky/Careful/Clever. “Animals over Humans” allows them to convince a normal animal to aid Lirium in some fashion according to their nature.
  4. Dr. Angel8. Everyone just sees the white coat and says, “They look like a doctor.”
    High Concept: Doctor’s Orders
    Trouble: I’m No Angel
    Aspects: This might hurt a little, there is no God to save you–only me, and I suppose I’ll be patching you up as usual.
    Stunts: “Medical Certificate” that convinces others the Doctor knows what they’re talking about even if it is not their speciality. Can be used once a session as a +2 to Sneaky.  “It’s Time for Your Treatment” can put someone to sleep, with a +2 to Careful or Forceful.
  5. Kandaĵa Rubena9. Small and always sharply dressed.
    High Concept: Council Member in the Nameless Order Of
    Trouble: Everyone Has a Price. Including Me.
    AspectsI have people for that, I know things even I really shouldn’t, and We’re all puppets on strings.
    Stunts: “Book of Knowledge” allows for a +2 to clever on all opportunities for prediction outside gambling or fighting.  “Initiated into the Ways” allows a +2 to Forceful or Flashy in attempting a spell or finding the weak spots of a creature.


  1. This is not a thing I had heard of before, but apparently it is a thing.
  2. Later, I promise. (pets book)
  3. I still dislike having to do too much bookkeeping. FAE gives me a bunch of fun tokens to visibly see (and play with), so there’s more connection with the currency (the payoff!) of the system.
  4. (No, I haven’t broken it down into the four actions for them. They can read the rules if they want. (laugh))
  5. The name is kind of a joke – I think it was supposed to be “Wrath” but I couldn’t quite read the handwriting and went with “Wreth,” so now we have this interesting combination.
  6. Yes, the Trickster from Dead By Daylight. I normally don’t bring in characters from other places, but my son really wanted to use the backstory and some of the ideas of the character in this system, so we worked it out.
  7. But of course, known as Shay.
  8. Has the best name, but it’s still not revealed to the group.
  9. I was told it probably wasn’t her real name, either.

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